"Just as storytelling is not complete until shared with another, designing jewelry cannot be truly complete until the client and designer balance functionality and playfulness in a story of their own." -Ms. Panda

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

True Word Of Mouth Collaboration

Linda saw my  "Shot Through the Heart"  necklace on a customer in a pet store where she works. 

She contacted me via Facebook for a collaboration and I was delighted to help her create her new favorite necklace!

I linked her to my "Parts and Labor" blog post 
and she asked for a hot pink and white heart with a double gold chain.

I did what I do and cut out some hearts with her in mind.  Yesterday, I sent her this picture text.

She chose the top left furry white heart and the hot pink without the stitching.

I put the pieces together and met her this afternoon to deliver.

She was stoked, as am I, so I made this other new one

- just cause I felt inspired by it -


Order now!  Supplies are limited on this amazing pattern!

Here are some other new textures and colors of leather.

I have many different kinds of leather, so if you want something in particular, just ask!

See the brown turtle pattern in the leather underneath?  So unique if you are looking for a brown!

Here are some examples of sterling silver chain.

Imagine the necklace below, with a leopard back??!!


Just needed to paint that mental image for you ;)


Hope to hear from you soon!

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 to begin your own custom heart collaboration today!!!