"Just as storytelling is not complete until shared with another, designing jewelry cannot be truly complete until the client and designer balance functionality and playfulness in a story of their own." -Ms. Panda

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shot Through the Heart - Design Studio

This is my original "Shot Through the Heart" necklace design.

Step 1: Choose two hearts.

Reds & Pinks

Black, furry, grey and silver hearts. 

JUST ARRIVED - Purple and Teal Blue!

Step 2:

Choose the chain you prefer.

Precious stones.


Real Silver.

Heart link Gunmetal.

Heart link gold, heart link silver, black/gold chain.

Step 3: Email me - amanda.steinhaus@gmail.com and I will make it!

*** OR ***

You can go for the "Shot Through the Heart" design #2:

Made to desired length!  

Newest Inspirations, Collaborations, and more!

This is what I've been doing since my last update!

Staying busy - which is GOOOOOOD!

New heart link gold chain!  $25

NEW Crystal beaded chain - $25

NEW Precious JADE chain - ON SALE - $72!!!  Orig. value $90.

Flip side of JADE necklace. ONE OF A KIND.

New Sterling Sliver and Gunmetal options!

Top - Gunmetal Double Tiffany inspired links
Second from top - Silver Double Tiffany inspired links
Third from top - Silver Hammered single Tiffany inspired links
Bottom - Silver double links

*Incorporate any of the high quality chains above into your design at a total necklace cost of $50, 
or buy 2 and get 20% off!!! 

*Incorporate any of the high quality chains above into your design at a total necklace cost of $50, 
or buy 2 and get 20% off!!!


Above - CRAZY CHAIN made from beer tabs!!!  Price depends on length of chain. 
Starting at $40 for a 16" (standard length) necklace.
Add $2.50 per inch after that. 

 FEELIT in downtown San Diego, CA @ 909 E Street, 92101.

Latest Collaborations:

Leopard front / Gold furry back on re-purposed gold/coin/black bead chain for Gina V!!!


Red Reptile heart with black reptile back and gunmetal heart chain for Elaine F.!!!


This chain is a buyer favorite!!!

If you like what you see - contact me at:


and let's design one for you today!!