"Just as storytelling is not complete until shared with another, designing jewelry cannot be truly complete until the client and designer balance functionality and playfulness in a story of their own." -Ms. Panda

Monday, September 8, 2014

Amanda Panda Designs Look Book 2014

2014 Look Book

 *** Hearts ***

*** Chains ***

*** Rockin the "Shot Through the Heart" Design ***

*** "Shot Through the Heart" Design 2 ***

*** The "Pop Top" Chain ***


To place an order or for more info: 

Visit my etsy store at https://www.etsy.com/shop/msamandapanda


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Choosing the Right Heart

Amanda Panda's Signature Design - "Shot Through the Heart" Necklace & Bracelet

Each Heart is Reversible - Pick Two Colors & Design Your Own Custom Piece!

Here are some examples of my inventory!

There are so many colors to choose from!

The Sky is The Limit!

Whatever Color You Choose...

I Most Likely Have it in a Few Shades & Textures!

Contact me for more info:

or visit my Etsy page:

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mother & Daughter Collaboration

What began as an evening enjoying the sunset and some wine...

Turned into a full-on design session with one Miss Holly Cooper and her sweet 11 year old daughter, Maiah.

The two ventured over to my tiny pad to pick out a gift for their family friend, Megan, who was sold on my bracelet design during her recent visit to San Diego.

But once those goodies were busted out of the closet, the fun ensued.

I can't deny how awesome it was to create jewelry again, and it is always fun to learn what people of all ages prefer to decorate themselves with.  :)

I really love these ladies and am happy to share our final result with you all.  


On the left is Maiah's hand with a white front and black backed, single chained bracelet.

Around Holly's neck is a choker-style teal green front and silver textured back necklace with gunmetal arrow and heart-linked chain.

Here is the bracelet they picked out for their friend, Megan:

It departs San Diego via USPS tomorrow as part of a care package to the north.

So much love.

Another fine collaboration.

Shot. Through. The. Heart....

...Where every piece tells a story :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Limited Edition Bracelet and Feather Earrings

New Designs!!!  Limited supplies!

*** Shot Through the Heart Bracelet ***

Silver arrow and chain available at this time.

Leather heart available in any color!


*** Limited Edition Feather Earrings ***

This pair has three unique feathers wrapped in silver wire
and are hung at different lengths to create depth and flow.


To order, simply email me at:


and I will custom design something for you today!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shot Through the Heart - Design Studio

This is my original "Shot Through the Heart" necklace design.

Step 1: Choose two hearts.

Reds & Pinks

Black, furry, grey and silver hearts. 

JUST ARRIVED - Purple and Teal Blue!

Step 2:

Choose the chain you prefer.

Precious stones.


Real Silver.

Heart link Gunmetal.

Heart link gold, heart link silver, black/gold chain.

Step 3: Email me - amanda.steinhaus@gmail.com and I will make it!

*** OR ***

You can go for the "Shot Through the Heart" design #2:

Made to desired length!  

Newest Inspirations, Collaborations, and more!

This is what I've been doing since my last update!

Staying busy - which is GOOOOOOD!

New heart link gold chain!  $25

NEW Crystal beaded chain - $25

NEW Precious JADE chain - ON SALE - $72!!!  Orig. value $90.

Flip side of JADE necklace. ONE OF A KIND.

New Sterling Sliver and Gunmetal options!

Top - Gunmetal Double Tiffany inspired links
Second from top - Silver Double Tiffany inspired links
Third from top - Silver Hammered single Tiffany inspired links
Bottom - Silver double links

*Incorporate any of the high quality chains above into your design at a total necklace cost of $50, 
or buy 2 and get 20% off!!! 

*Incorporate any of the high quality chains above into your design at a total necklace cost of $50, 
or buy 2 and get 20% off!!!


Above - CRAZY CHAIN made from beer tabs!!!  Price depends on length of chain. 
Starting at $40 for a 16" (standard length) necklace.
Add $2.50 per inch after that. 

 FEELIT in downtown San Diego, CA @ 909 E Street, 92101.

Latest Collaborations:

Leopard front / Gold furry back on re-purposed gold/coin/black bead chain for Gina V!!!


Red Reptile heart with black reptile back and gunmetal heart chain for Elaine F.!!!


This chain is a buyer favorite!!!

If you like what you see - contact me at:


and let's design one for you today!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

True Word Of Mouth Collaboration

Linda saw my  "Shot Through the Heart"  necklace on a customer in a pet store where she works. 

She contacted me via Facebook for a collaboration and I was delighted to help her create her new favorite necklace!

I linked her to my "Parts and Labor" blog post 
and she asked for a hot pink and white heart with a double gold chain.

I did what I do and cut out some hearts with her in mind.  Yesterday, I sent her this picture text.

She chose the top left furry white heart and the hot pink without the stitching.

I put the pieces together and met her this afternoon to deliver.

She was stoked, as am I, so I made this other new one

- just cause I felt inspired by it -


Order now!  Supplies are limited on this amazing pattern!

Here are some other new textures and colors of leather.

I have many different kinds of leather, so if you want something in particular, just ask!

See the brown turtle pattern in the leather underneath?  So unique if you are looking for a brown!

Here are some examples of sterling silver chain.

Imagine the necklace below, with a leopard back??!!


Just needed to paint that mental image for you ;)


Hope to hear from you soon!

Email me at:


 to begin your own custom heart collaboration today!!!