"Just as storytelling is not complete until shared with another, designing jewelry cannot be truly complete until the client and designer balance functionality and playfulness in a story of their own." -Ms. Panda

Monday, January 23, 2012

Take Her Out!

Everytime I wear my necklace I get a compliment. 

It's a part of me so it means a lot...

It's super versatile, too. 

I wear it with anything and since it is reversible, I can change it up if I want.

I love how the white leather really POPS!!!

I love wearing it to concerts like Warped Tour when I was super V.I.P.!!!!

Lots of my friends have them now, too :)))

You can wear it when you're happy...

You can wear it when your not so happy...

Either way - it makes a statement.

What's yours?

Let me make you one today.

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